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31 Mar 2017 00:08 #1 by Christopher Hicks (ChristopherRobin)
New Player this April was created by Christopher Hicks (ChristopherRobin)
Hello everyone of the Knight Realms community. I made this forum account with the intentions to go to Knight Realms about three years ago and due to life I was unable to attend. Now after all this time I'm ready to attend my first full Knight Realms event this April and I'm looking forward to trying something new and to meet some wonderful new people.

In addition, I've already come up with a character concept and I plan to come in as a High Elf warrior.

See you all in April.

Christopher R Hicks
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31 Mar 2017 00:15 #2 by Nalick (NalickDeMarche)
Replied by Nalick (NalickDeMarche) on topic New Player this April

Life definitely happens, to varying degrees. We're glad you're finally able to come! If you need any help fleshing out that character concept, or any other questions you might have about how Knight Realms works, let us know either by posting a reply below or sending a message!


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