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normal New Player (First Game 4/21/17)

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15 Apr 2017 23:22 #1 by Dahnold (djdwyer86)
New Player (First Game 4/21/17) was created by Dahnold (djdwyer86)
Hello everyone,

I will be attending this coming week with an existing player but I had some questions! I've submitted my character through the character builder - should this be ready in time? Should I bring a print out just incase? I am bringing a tent, lantern, sleeping bag/mat, pillow, spell bags, clothes, and a small cooler with my food/snacks - is this acceptable?

Any tips for being a completely new player to LARPing?

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16 Apr 2017 01:00 #2 by Nalick (NalickDeMarche)
Replied by Nalick (NalickDeMarche) on topic New Player (First Game 4/21/17)
Hey, bud!

Welcome to Knight Realms. I'm Jeff, one of the many New Player Marshals you'll run into when you come out to play.

Your character card will be ready, likely by late tonight. Either someone else will get to it or I will late tonight when I get home. I tend to check the Builder pretty obsessively.

The only thing I can recommend you bring aside from what you have listed, is socks. The Camp has the tendency to get wet and/or muddy. Hiking socks or wool/smart wool is the "smart" investment.

Tips I can offer:
Be your character, regardless of what it says on your card or how "little" damage you do. If your character is itching for a fight, get in it!

It's okay not to be Robert Downey Jr. your first go-around. Most of the players haven't had acting classes and it's perfectly fine not to be a great actor right off the bat. Know that if you fall on your behind literally or figuratively, we have your back.

As well, just make sure you have at least your first name and last initial in your forum signature!


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17 Apr 2017 11:07 #3 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic New Player (First Game 4/21/17)

Welcome to the Game!

AS a general Safety Rule, if you are having personal foodstuffs in with your belongings, make sure the containers are as air-tight as possible. Being the area of NJ we are in, there are man crafty small animals that might catch whiff of your yummy goodies and decide the might wish to sample them.

Also keep your tent closed! Last thing you need is an argument with a raccoon or godforbid a skunk (the barracks had to deal with that about two years ago) deciding your food is theirs now and/or your tent being an awesome den..

I and the group I camp with (Blood Spirits) go through the securing food/tent procedures every event we camp out at our site. A good cooler and *good* Ziploc bags should do alright for most foods. Try not to leave anything open when not around- animals can get and often do get fairly bold.

(Many a new boy scout has learned this fact... Trust me.)

Again, welcome to the game and hope you have a blast!

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