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normal Questions from a "new" player

07 May 2018 14:12 #1 by Alex Tauber (Artalon)
Questions from a "new" player was created by Alex Tauber (Artalon)
Greetings. is there a CS that can answer some questions for me? Im in search of a new larp after the bad exp i had with my last one and just want to see if KR is a good fit for me. i plan on going to the June event. i hope this fits me. The site is close for me and im liking what ive read so far.

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07 May 2018 18:22 #2 by Donald MacFhionnlaigh (raidr0933)
Replied by Donald MacFhionnlaigh (raidr0933) on topic Questions from a "new" player
Hello. I would suggest hitting up Jeff Balla by name. he plays Nalick, and he's good to talk to.

I will tell you this, as a LARPer who's had a rough time in the past, and is old enough to have some wisdom:

-right now, our rules are in flux. new system is in a kind of playtest, and while this might mean you have confusion reigning out there for a bit, its also a lot easier to get started as a new player (and a full build blanket is nice as well). Plus....there is unlimited rewrites while the tests are going on. So no stress there.

Keep reaching out, and see what's up.

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07 May 2018 20:32 #3 by Nalick (NalickDeMarche)
Replied by Nalick (NalickDeMarche) on topic Questions from a "new" player
Like the Kool-Aid Man, I arrive. Thanks, Sean!

Anyway, hello and welcome to Knight Realms! I'll be your Player Representative for the evening. May I interest you in some larp?

So sorry to hear about your bad experience at another. If there is anything or anyone that makes your experience with us any less than what it should be, we'll want to hear about it, even if you decide that we're not the larp for you. But my money is on you having a good time.

Any questions you might have, you can post here, unless you'd rather ask them privately. I'm on Facebook and there's also a PM feature here on the forums.

Talk to you soon.


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