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normal Hello, it is me again.

18 Jun 2018 15:39 #1 by Jarden Burdach (Buttere__Bread)
Hello, it is me again. was created by Jarden Burdach (Buttere__Bread)
I will be joining you in 10 days 8 hours 25 minets and 24 seconds. My brother and I intend to NPC the whole event But I have questions on NPCing.

1. What should I bring. ie: head bands, food, weapons?

2. Where do we sleep.

3. My brother is 17, I was told that he would need a form signed, where can I get that form?

-- Thank you again.

-Jarden Burdach

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19 Jun 2018 11:23 - 19 Jun 2018 11:25 #2 by Nalick (NalickDeMarche)
Replied by Nalick (NalickDeMarche) on topic Hello, it is me again.
9 days, 13 hours, 16 minutes, 55 secon--54--48--but who's counting!?

1. A white headband to signify that you're out of game. As an NPC you will be moving to and from mod sites and whatever role you're portraying, won't exist until the scene or encounter begins. A blue headband may be necessary, but typically it's expected more of PCs than NPCs. That's up to you.

We have a weapons closet. It's pretty sweet and has a large variety of styles that you will be using over the course of the weekend, so you don't need to bring your own. If you do bring a weapon, know that it must be inspected by a Marshal before it's deemed safe to use in combat.

Logistics feeds volunteers. If your shift is at the same time that breakfast is being served in the Inn (on Saturday or Sunday), our Marshals do work with the kitchen to have breakfast food brought over to the Logistics building because we don't want to send you out on an empty stomach. Lunch, on the other hand, isn't always served at the Inn, so I would say to pack accordingly. Otherwise, there is a Quick Check five minutes from Camp and a Stop & Shop 8 minutes away should you arrive and realize you need sustenance.

There are no NPC shifts between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night, which is the period of time that the grand Feast is served. Oftentimes, Marshals will allow you to dress in peasant garb from the Logistics closet and join the town for Feast in the main hall, but please clear it with them first.

2. You can sleep wherever you can find a bed. Weekend/full-time NPCs usually choose to sleep in the Barn, which is the building right next to Logistics because, well, it's the building right next to Logistics (where you'll report in for NPC duty). If you have trouble finding open bunks for you and your brother, let myself or another member of Staff know you're having difficulty--they'll probably send you my way anyway--and we'll make sure you two have places to sleep.

3. There is a safety waiver that should be available in Logistics--they may need to print it out upon request.

If either of you has any more questions between now and then, or during the event, we'll all be here for you.


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