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normal First time player for the June event

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08 Jun 2019 03:42 #1 by Guardian (Guardian)
First time player for the June event was created by Guardian (Guardian)
Hey everyone,

I'm coming to NY from abroad and wanted to go to a game in the states.
I was wondering:
1 - Can someone help me with a ride to and from the game?
2 - Any pointers on who I can connect to in the game? Maybe someone who can help guide me for the first few hours in.

Note - This is going to be a one-shot character as I'm leaving about two weeks after arriving.

Have a great day!

(Omer SS)
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08 Jun 2019 10:12 #2 by Nalick (NalickDeMarche)
Replied by Nalick (NalickDeMarche) on topic First time player for the June event
Hi there!

I'm Jeff and I'm one of the New Player Representatives here. Welcome to Knight Realms!

1. We have a board dedicated to carpooling requests here on the forums:

Please make a post there detailing where you'll be needing to be picked up from and dropped off to by the end of the weekend. After you post, I can boost the signal by sharing it with friends I know are nearby.

2. We also have a board for forging character ties with already existing characters:

2a. I'd also be happy if you wanted me to help guide you around in-character and we could see where the winds took us.

If you have any other questions about how the game works, what to bring with you, or other thoughts that seem "silly" or "dumb" (those are my favorite), let me know.



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