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01 Jul 2019 23:58 - 01 Jul 2019 23:58 #1 by PiloFf DeLmArva (Pyne_Tree)
Newer Player From PA was created by PiloFf DeLmArva (Pyne_Tree)
Hiya! I'm Bri-- Also known as Nix in game.

I was holding off on this forums post for a while because I had never larped before; however, after attending WiTL and the most recent event, I can say I am much more comfortable now. The community has no doubtingly been very inviting and I can't wait to see where my adventures go from here.

You may have seen me or my (no longer plagued) cookies sitting in the inn. In fact it seems that I've met a fair amount of you all at the inn or when screaming through the forest at night. (I had a lot of fun screaming and chanting at the cage fight.)

I really hope to meet/make friends with more of you, as it's been so much fun!
... and I'm definitely bringing more cookies.

- PiLoFf
OOG: Brianna O
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02 Jul 2019 07:48 #2 by Vasryn Bira Skuggare (Lchangeling)
Replied by Vasryn Bira Skuggare (Lchangeling) on topic Newer Player From PA
Your cookies looked so tasty! Unfortunately I did not partake as I had a companion try them first just to make sure I did not get the plauge. I look forwards to trying them next game!

Graciously and with Respect,
~Vasryn Bira Skuggare

(OOG: Jan Keichline)
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03 Jul 2019 09:53 #3 by Nalick (NalickDeMarche)
Replied by Nalick (NalickDeMarche) on topic Newer Player From PA
Now I know who to thank for that tasty cookie! My character (Chet) had already been infected, so there wasn't really any risk.

If you ever want to share more than baked goods, there is a page on Facebook called "Memes and Things" where you can definitely make more friends in our community.


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