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normal Returning after 12 years

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22 Aug 2019 16:19 #1 by Malave (malave)
Returning after 12 years was created by Malave (malave)
Good afternoon, everyone!

Some of you may know me from other games, and some of you I might brand new to. My name is Eric Daniel Malave and it has been almost 12 solid years since I've played Knight Realms. I am very excited to make a return, as this has molded much of my young life into some of the hobbies that I hold to this day (Such as the SCA.)

I have a very brief questions as we begin our budgeting for the upcoming months (i'm a banker, so this is a 'thing'): I know that she is a new player to KR so she will be paying the 'new player' rate. I'm assuming that regardless of how long it's been I'm paying the regular rate or am I mistaken?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to adventuring with you all once again.


Eric & Paula

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04 Sep 2019 20:59 #2 by Moostrav Potrevski ()
Replied by Moostrav Potrevski () on topic Returning after 12 years
Bumping this.

I don't know about your personal rate, but your friend would be paying $20 for their first time aka the new player rate.
If I don't see this answered in a day or so I'll start poking people for you and figure out if we're still doing any returning player discount, I don't believe so; but it can't hurt to check =)

- Jacob

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04 Sep 2019 21:19 #3 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic Returning after 12 years
Eric and I had a chat about this and its all squared!

I'm thrilled to see you back dude!

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