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08 Mar 2020 07:35 #1 by Tracy (Tracy)
Hi there! was created by Tracy (Tracy)
Hi everyone! My name is Tracy and I'm hoping to attend my first Knight Realms event when I'm back in the area, either for the week-in-the-life event or for the June event. I've done a number of short-form, informal, or parlor LARPs, but this will be my first weekend-long LARP event and my first ongoing campaign! I've read through the rule book but there were a few things I was confused about, as well as a few questions I have on an OOG level.

1) Would the week-in-the-life event be a good first Knight Realms experience, or would it make more sense to wait until the June event? I had been thinking I wanted to jump right in as a PC, but perhaps it would make more sense to NPC for week-in-the-life so that I can debut my character in a more standard setting? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
2) I was a little confused about how weapons and armor work. Before my character can use a weapon or armor, does she have to obtain it in-game and/or do I have to spend build? Or can I just bring a weapon/armor and use them immediately?
3) Where should I create/submit my character? I saw the "Create Your Character Now!" post but the system linked to in the original post won't let me add a class or abilities and I was sort of confused by the spreadsheet.

Thanks for any advice/thoughts! I'm so looking forward to meeting everyone!
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08 Mar 2020 11:18 #2 by Lois Heimdell (LoisMaxwell)
Replied by Lois Heimdell (LoisMaxwell) on topic Hi there!
Welcome, Tracy!

1) Yes, week in the life (you'll see it abbreviated often to WitL) can make a great first time experience! If you come for the weekday portion, everyone is in a much more relaxed state, which gives you the opportunity to ease into your character and make connections without worrying about people being pulled away. There's also fewer people than the weekend portion, which might sound like a detriment, but depending on the size of the parlor larps you've attended you might find it less overwhelming to meet people in smaller groups.

If you're just coming for the weekend portion, it's run in a standard event style, so choosing that weekend over any other wouldn't be much of a difference (except there are probably more tasty leftovers that people are trying to get rid of from all the cookouts in the days leading up to it :3)

2) Whatever you show up with you're considered to have as "basic steel" versions. You can get an item card for them at check-in if you'd like something written down to help you remember damage or armor point values. The physreps (the prop you have chosen as your weapons or armor) still need to be evaluated at check-in for safety either way (TBH any marshal can do this at any point, but there's better lighting and the item cards are more easily available at check-in).

3) Hold off on that for a bit; our tech team is about to release a new character builder to go along with some of the rules patches. This will be completed in plenty of time for a May or June start for you :)


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