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normal Returning player looking for advice

12 Mar 2020 19:33 #1 by Horace Aemains (Kromulus)
Returning player looking for advice was created by Horace Aemains (Kromulus)
Long time since I've been to an event, and the rules have changed, so I might as well be new.
Since then my tastes have changed as well, and while I certainly want to fight and adventure and dungeon crawl, I am interested in exploring more than just combat. More quality of life stuff. Not that I am trying to turn my LARP experience into historical reenactment, but I am looking to find a happy balance. Does anyone share this experience, or have advice on how this would be possible, and how I can go about creating a living breathing person where my class is my vocation but not my sole descriptor? I believe my own views of the classes are getting in my own way of creating a character.
Can wait to start back up again.

Horace Aemains
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12 Mar 2020 20:01 - 12 Mar 2020 20:02 #2 by Caelvan (Caelvan)
Replied by Caelvan (Caelvan) on topic Returning player looking for advice
Hey Kramer!

The new rules that will be coming out soon should help with this concern.

They encourage more RP with less math involved in the skills and have many RP elements that were not fully there in the current/old rules.

The new rule book, and character builder for the new rules should be out soon, so you can take a look at both and see if any of the new options work for you.

Currently, how I handle this is, I think about what my character does and how he thinks of himself.
A while ago I had both the Druid and Ranger lists but my character didn't consider himself a full Druid. He viewed himself as a Ranger with an atunment to Arawyn powerful enough to give him the ability to cast stronger spells.

In the end I would look less at the classes name and see what the flavor is. Who says you need to have the list Gladiator to fight in arenas and BE a gladiator. Or be a Swashbuckler or Buccaneer to be a sailor/pirate.

These are just suggestions I have, but as always, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!!

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12 Mar 2020 20:51 #3 by Horace Aemains (Kromulus)
Replied by Horace Aemains (Kromulus) on topic Returning player looking for advice
Am I correct that this means that there is a rulebook edition on the way past what I see as the current edition 2.1?

Horace Aemains
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12 Mar 2020 22:02 #4 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic Returning player looking for advice
Hey Kramer!

Yes, with the opening of the Acheron, the Maryland Knight Realms game, coming soon, we took a huge dive into really cleaning up and implementing a series of changes that greatly improve the quality of life for all our players and any who wish to play Knight Realms. The 2.5 edition of the rulebook will be made available around March 20th and be going live for the April 10th Acheron MD game and subsequently the April 24th Arawyn NJ game. So don't worry too much about trying to memorize or learn any of the 2.1 book in hardform!

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12 Mar 2020 23:15 #5 by Horace Aemains (Kromulus)
Replied by Horace Aemains (Kromulus) on topic Returning player looking for advice
Wow! Very exciting news! Ironically I am just about to move away from the Maryland area, where I was out of range for KR, and am now moving back north, part of my intention was to be closer to this larp! :)

Horace Aemains
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13 Mar 2020 00:56 #6 by Wren (Wren)
Replied by Wren (Wren) on topic Returning player looking for advice
Also there's many groups you can get involved in that deal with Rp and sometimes use your character skills.

You can join a land, or the rogues guild (which you don't need to be a rogue to join, just want to make money or do roguey type things), there's the church with its many religious factions, a crafting guild if you want to experiment or make stuff. There's the town guard if you want to go on patrols or Darkwood Academy (self plug here) if you want to rp being an educator or a student.

There's also lots of different households (small groups of people with a specific focus set by the people in it)

So think about what your character would do for a job, or during their free time, and ask around about the many various groups that exist in game, it's a great way to meet people and get Rp.

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