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unanswered Spy Paragon- Deception

08 Feb 2019 12:44 #1 by Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz (RavynAeronwen)
Spy Paragon- Deception was created by Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz (RavynAeronwen)
How does the spy paragon Deception work fully? I'm trying to figure out how believeable it would be if someone masqueraded as someone else. Not just "oh look, it's a goblin" but someone specific and recognizable. What mechanics are at play and what is required for it? Does the appearance only change or can the voice, eye color, etc also be changed to make people believe it is whomever?

I really want to make sure this is done right if I attempt it. Thoughts?

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OOG: Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz
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