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28 Jun 2019 13:26 #1 by Margaret (Marlowe) McDonald (MarshMarlowe)
Goblinoids was created by Margaret (Marlowe) McDonald (MarshMarlowe)
Can the goblinoid races interbreed, and if so, would the offspring be considered fringe races?

I have an idea for a character who is half hobgoblin and half goblin, however, they would look like a hobgoblin and have only the hobgoblin racial abilities. The half goblin heritage would be purely for roleplay and flavor and not affect their IG abilities. Would this be allowed?
28 Jun 2019 14:57 #2 by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks)
Replied by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks) on topic Goblinoids
Hi Margaret!

Different races can interbreed, however the children always breed true. As an example, I actually play the exact combination that you mentioned, product of a Goblin and Hobgoblin, however my character came out as a Goblin and has those particular racial abilities. In a case like this the Fringe Race option is not necessary.

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