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normal I've been gone for a bit....what happened?

07 Jul 2019 13:27 #1 by Killroy Rambutan (Killroy Rambutan)
I've been gone for a bit....what happened? was created by Killroy Rambutan (Killroy Rambutan)
Kind of misleading title I apologize. I would like to know what changes to the lore/the barony have happened since I guess 2016? Or since the rule changes. I've been trying to read up on any new lore and histories since then but I'm still having trouble understanding who's in charge and what not. Is there an easy place to get a quick summary? I've been on the baronial library but it seems a bit disjointed. I don't know where to start

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08 Jul 2019 16:51 #2 by Cara Easton (Raeelle)
Replied by Cara Easton (Raeelle) on topic I've been gone for a bit....what happened?
Hi David-

The lore is currently waiting an official update following a recent event that changed a lot of old lore, so I don’t have a link for you for that, but here’s the current laws and organizational structure for Travance (there’s an attachment on that post that links to the full pdf)


There is also a current nobility list under the Notice Board


Hope that gives you a starting point! If you have questions let us know.


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