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unanswered Quinarian Skill Question

16 Sep 2019 12:47 #1 by Vasryn Bira Skuggare (Lchangeling)
Quinarian Skill Question was created by Vasryn Bira Skuggare (Lchangeling)
I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post my question.

Its sort of a two fold question I have, but it all ties into the Quinarian racial ability.

The following combined tidbits are what got my brain to clicking out RP possibilities: The Mana Infusion skill allows me to create a item that restores 1 Periodic skill use. Quinarians regularly use Weave Crystals to supply them with additional arcane power.

My question is this: If I were capable of finding someone in game to supply me with Weave Crystals, for RP purposes, could I state that by adding them to some of the cupcakes I bring to game for sale, that whoever eats said cupcake regains the use of 1 Periodic Skill. By means of using the Mana Infusion game mechanic?

My thought was to sell certain Waybreads with the Item Card, as my Waybreads are wrapped and easy to store in a pouch for later consumption.

My follow up question to the two-fold musing is this: As Weave Crystals are highly addictive, would it be possible to implement that after a customer consumes more than 2 of the Waybread, in the manner of RP, they could possibly form a addiction for the Weave Crystals? My thought was to keep a list of customers who purchase these 'special breads' and after they make their third purchase, I could OOG let them know about the addictive nature, then allow them to decide how to RP handle the information if they so wished? I imagine that a simple trip to a Healer for a Purify spell could remove the addiction, but it would be completely RP related and have no IG mechanics beyond the initial Periodic refreshment.

Graciously and with Respect,
~Vasryn Bira Skuggare

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