My Dear Subjects,

One of your own has taken it upon himself to inform me of the dire circumstances that have befallen you: the armies of New Gaaldron to the north, the armies of Kormyre to the west, and even worse, false “allies” seeking glory at your expense.  These unfortunate adversaries cause my delicate heart to quake with despair! My own people beset upon by such fiends! But do not fret, all is not lost in these desperate times, my loving subjects. I have been appraised of these dangerous foes by one such loyal subject. This brave soul, Ilsander, who fought against his crushing fear of the impending enemies came to me, humbly as he could, and requested I step forward and quell these vile threats.  And of course, with it, bring peace to last for generations in Travance.

Now I see it has finally come: you have turned away from the poisonous influence of these false leaders who demand your obedience and command through fear.  I am beyond filled with joy that you would come to me, my loyal subjects, and beseech my aid. I, of course, am a caring and benevolent leader and would never wish to see my people suffer as they are.  For this I will overlook past transgressions and afford you every resource at my disposal. I will stop at nothing to protect you and teach you and keep you safe from the dangers of this cruel world.

Truthfully, I am simply elated that you have finally seen clearly with the wisdom I have attempted to impart upon you over these many long years.  I had, for a moment, begun to believe all of you were disloyal anarchists, but it is clear that I have shown you truth and the right way. I, a merciful lord, will see our enemies crushed before us, but yet there is still work to be done.  You, my cherished subjects, must be retrained to fight! The means by which I have watched you win your battles has shown that you are headed towards an unfortunate short-lived end. I will help you. The imposter Count and Warlord have led you astray, but I will bring you back to the glory we so rightfully deserve.

You needn’t worry yourselves about them now, however, as I will bear the burden of slaying these deceivers myself.  Too much have you suffered at their hands and I wouldn’t wish upon you more. I will be instating a new Warlord; my Harvest Knight, Ser Cooper.  His loyalty and prowess are unwavering and he will be the inspiring presence that will raise your spirits from your bodies to outstanding new heights!

With Ser Cooper, three of my children, Prudence, Obadiah, and Josiah will be present to escort everyone to the Garrison Field where retraining may begin.  My children are so excited to help in any way they can! Simply follow them to the field and they will assess your skills and seek the appropriate training regimen for you.

In no time, we will be ready to muster and bring peace across Travance under the banners of your kind, loving, and appreciative Baron.  I look so forward to meeting with all of you! So many new subjects I simply have not had the time to meet; an error I will strive to not make again.

It is my promise to you that the Garrison Field will be ready for you in just a few days time.  So fret not, your gracious leader will not drag his feet in giving you the tools you need to best these dubious aggressors. Travance will be a power to be respected! It will cast a great shadow over the blinding lights of pretender nobility who sit upon their strained chairs in decadence.  I will not rest when there is work to be done, my treasured subjects. I will provide for you.

As always, my generosity is boundless, and those who step up to the task will be justly rewarded with fame, title, and power to their heart’s desire!

My precious subjects, I look ever forward to your service!

Baron Nathaniel Fallow, Savior of Travance

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