In a blaze of energy the Zaril’mask named Vil’il’thrayx, was no more. The Town could rejoice at the fact that there would never be another incarnation of the Order of the Blood Moon. Travance had not only stopped Vil’il’thrayx from ascending to the True Warlock Council but also learned that they stopped a powerful pawn in the service of Val’Ixtal Vai. Val’Ixtal Vai would be displeased at this turn of events, but there was a war to win and while this was a failure, surely there was some useful information to gleam from it that would prove useful in the future...


Renior Fai awoke in a cold sweat in his bedroom, which was softly illuminated by magical light. He could see Bloom asleep next to him, her warmth and love radiating off of her like its own beacon of hope. He reminded himself that this was real, that the Heroes of Travance saved him from a fate worse than death. He slowly went over facts about himself that he knew were true in this moment until he was able to relax.

While he was no longer in danger, he knew it would take time before he could even pretend that everything was something that looked like normal. The memories that he did retain were vast, and most were horrific in ways he never wanted anyone else to know. It would be some time before he could understand that those atrocities were not him and it would be even longer before he could accept the second chance he was given and forgive himself.

For now he was just thankful that he could see in the dark, because as long as the darkness was lit, he knew it would get better….

Adriana, Siku, and Echo prepare to start their new lives in Valdalis Crossroads. Adriana planned to return to her training as a Witch Hunter, like all those years ago. Siku was preparing to get magic lessons that were not based on what he had learned as a child. Echo was excited to be able to experience life again, free from the chaos in their body. It was strange for them to be in the presence of each other, and to have seen Renior for the true man that he was, and none of them were sure if they would continue to want to be friends or acquaintances, but they were all glad to be free of that shadowy nightmare.



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