The Story so far…

One-time Knight of the Kormyrian Empire Osric Von Kerr made himself known to the town of Travance by offering to return hostages at a price. Travance thwarted his ambitions, and Osric escaped, returning to join Bloody Bess, Captain of the cursed Pirate Ship “The Silent Doom”, Avin VanSant, reanimated High Priest of the Cult of Assassins known as the Obsidian Raptors, and Tara Seigfried, Mad Arcane Scholar in the organization they had formed called The Red Glove.

In an attempt to understand what the Red Glove was seeking, the town turned to two experts, Londwyn Fortune Hunter Isabelle Baker and Former Quinarian Strategist-turned-Archaeologist Essvale Verraine. Working together, the town discovered the Red Glove’s plan: To locate the pieces of the Lock Eternal, an artifact crafted by a Sorcerer known as “The Weavesmith,” who fashioned artifacts from the weave itself.

It is believed that the Lock seals a vault, or prison, known as the Tower of the Blinding Glory. The Tower can only be accessed on the 29th day of the second month. None have ever opened it, but what is inside is assumed to be dangerous and powerful. Should the Red Glove acquire the pieces of the lock, they will unleash something feared by history.

To stop them, and learn more, Essvale and Isbelle took several members of the town on an adventure to follow clues left by the Weavesmith. Several other members of the town set out on their own quests to dismantle the group, attacking the Red Glove’s stronghold, hunting Bloody Bess’ fleet, and stealing a holy relic from the Obsidian Raptors. Each group met with varying levels of success.

* * * * *

As the dust settled, the heroes of Travance took stock of what they had accomplished, and what they hadn’t. Certainly they had struck a blow against the agents of the Red Glove. They had robbed them of key resources. They had thwarted their efforts, and uncovered their secrets. However, their enemy was far from defeated.

The various champions and heroes pulled themselves from the wreckage of the places they had been. They made their way back to Travance. There, they began to hear wild tales of what other groups had been up to. They took accounting of who had managed to escape, and realized who hadn’t returned. They had faced their foes, looked them in the eye, and seen what they were capable of.

Elsewhere, other heroes who had stayed in the town or attended other vital tasks prepared. Soon they would be making their way to the Proper, where they would hear the tales, and learn of the Red Glove’s plans. It would not be long before everyone knew what they were up against. They knew that the Red Glove would chase the pieces of the Lock Eternal with precision focus. However, the Red Glove was no longer the only ones who knew where the pieces were. When Red Glove went looking, they would find Travance waiting. Within days it would be the 29th day of the 2nd month. The Tower of the Blinding Glory would be accessible, and the heroes of Travance would ensure that it remained closed.


The Heroes have reached the last chapter of their adventures beyond the town. However, it is not the final chapter in the story of Travance or the Red Glove. Who will claim all of the pieces of the Lock Eternal? Will the danger within the Tower of the Blinding Glory be unleashed or remain sealed? It will be up to you. Now, there is only one option left to choose....

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